Blooming attachment!

The other day, after finishing teaching a private class, my student snipped a few blooms from her garden for me to take home and enjoy. What a lovely surprise! I was already content after the class, but this was such a nice bonus.

I gingerly laid the fresh cut flowers in the back of my car and drove off to the grocery store. After being away from my car and then stepping back in, I was delighted by the wonderful scent of the flowers, filling my car.

Next stop, the pharmacy. I stepped back out and then back in to my car again. This time, the scent seemed to have faded a bit, so I opened a window, hoping the breeze would let me catch a whiff of that fragrance again.

Finally at home, I arranged the flowers in a vase and gave them centre stage on my kitchen counter. How beautiful! What an amazing addition to my space. It really brightens up and freshens up the whole room…. I should have fresh flowers all the time!

And there it was. Attachment had fully blossomed. Now I’m hoping my student gives me flowers again. If she doesn’t, I’ll at the very least be a little disappointed. I might even be annoyed – at the very person who made such a generous gesture in the first place! And I’ll have totally lost sight of the fact that I was perfectly content before those flowers arrived on the scene.

Enjoy the beautiful things in your life. But recognize that they all carry seeds of attachment. Once you water those seeds, they’ll take root. And before you know it, you’ll be standing in a whole garden of ugly. 

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