Good morning, panic!

You have enough panic at work, on the road, maybe in your family or social life. Your nervous system takes a beating.

So do yourself a favour. The very least you can do is not begin the very first moment of your day in a panic with some hair-raising alarm clock. Ditch it. And train yourself to get up without one.

Here are some ideas. Give it a few days and your body will set a new pattern. Your body has very sophisticated time clocks and they won’t give you a mini heart attack in the am.

Waking up without an alarm:

  • Have it in your mind before you go to sleep that you want to wake up early. Sounds too easy, but try it. You will likely sleep light for the first few days as the pattern is created, but then your internal alarm will be set.
  • Wake up with the sun, nature’s alarm clock.
  • Try to set a regular bedtime and wake time.
  • If you must use an alarm, get one that’s set to soothing sounds.

Whatever you do, try to wake up well before you need to get to work or school. Jumping out of bed, racing to the shower and grabbing something to eat on the go also set you in panic mode. Do at least one thing every morning that puts you in a relaxed mode, setting the tone for the day.

Set a relaxed tone for your day with one of these:

  • Take a bath rather than a shower
  • Read the paper
  • Make a good breakfast
  • Do some yoga asanas
  • Do some meditation
  • Or anything else that puts you in a chilled rather than a rushed mood.

No alarm. No rushing. These are two small changes you can make that will go a long way toward your peace and well-being every day.

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