How sweet it ain’t.

I was having brunch with a friend about a month ago and noticed she was putting artificial sweetner in her coffee. I told her that stuff makes me jittery and puffy and a bit airheaded (attractive!) and so I avoid it.

I’ve also seen a few documentaries and read up on the links artficial sweetners have to neurological disease. Even if the dangers of aspartame etc. don’t really exist (which I belive they probably do, based on my own experience/symptoms after taking arificial sweetner), it’s better to be safe than sorry. And sugar is more natural and tastes better anyway. So now I tell anyone I can to not use it.

But the proof is in the pudding. Last week, I got this email from my friend:

“I have to tell you that I went to see a naturopath last week. Main reason was about my food allergies (had many as a kid for excema), but also because I am always so bloated and then while I was speaking to her… I realized that I actually hadn’t had any bloating in the last week and half …and then I realized that that was right after you read me the riot act on sweeteners. I actually gave them up cold turkey. She then confirmed diet pops and sweeteners are like a time bomb. Ha.. And make you feel hungrier. It has made quite a big  difference.”

So don’t believe what you hear or read or see. Try giving up artificial sweetners and experience for yourself how you feel without them.

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