Yoga Mama – From birth to 2 months

Arjun has arrived! Here he is a few days after his birth, remarkably, already practicing mudras and padmasana 🙂


Yoga served me well in birth.

At 1pm on June 19, I posted this on my facebook: “Doing a group meditation starting at 1pm today for our soon to be born son. If you have a nice thought to send, please do. He’s listening.” A few hours later, twinges of early contractions began. At 10:42 the next day, Arjun was born.

During early labour, we listened to the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra 108 times in anticipation and honour of Arjun’s birth.

To help relax during labour, I spent many minutes (hours?) chanting OM with my wonderful husband and wonderful Doula, Karen McWilliam ( – she also teaches prenatal yoga, hypnobirthing and is an all-around birth guru who I felt I was in very good hands with.)

Lion pose (along with roaring!) also served me well to release tension during difficult contractions.

Flexibility gained from asanas helped me find positions to be as comfortable as possible during contractions.

Pranayama undoubtedly helped me have the energy to last throughout an unmedicated birth,

A clean vegetarian diet helped to create what the midwives called an “amazing” and huge placenta with thick arteries and veins. Arjun was thriving inside and continues to thrive now that he’s born.

According to the midwives and doula, it was a beautiful birth with no complications.

Arjun was born into my hands, in our bathtub. I wouldn’t say it was easy. It was the toughest challenge of my life – physically and mentally. But there are beautiful moments that I remember and Arjun and I are both in ideal physical condition. I feel very blessed.

Our yoga journey since birth…

I began doing easy asanas from the day after his birth to stay loose and relaxed. I did my first sun salutations (very slowly!) at the end of the first week after birth.

This is us at 4 weeks postnatal, heading off to our first yoga class.


Here are some pics of us practicing teaching Mom & Baby yoga classes.


But tiny babies don’t always share your love of asana practice…


So here was my “eureka moment”…


Babies love to be held close to Mom!

So doing asana and pranayama practice with baby in a carrier gives us both what we want and need.

Here’s us at 2 months after birth, doing yoga in the park.


As you can see, we are both happy practicing together.

We can do a full 1 or 1 and a half hour class, including pranayama. Arjun is consistently so relaxed throughout. He’s my “yoga noodle”. No tension in his little body!

I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with other new Moms so they can also benefit from a rejuvenating yoga practice.

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