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I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long time. I wanted to introduce you to one of the treasures I’ve found here in Toronto – Vedic Scholar and Nada Yogi, Ram Vakkalanka.

During my pregnancy, I listened often to Ram Vakkalanka’s “Voice of Veda” album and found it very powerful. Now it continues its power as a surefire soother for my baby Arjun. 🙂

We put it on at home or in our car whenever Arjun is getting wound up and we can’t help him otherwise. It’s obvious that there’s power in the mantras and Ram’s chanting of them. I can feel it. And you can see it in Arjun’s face and by the fact that he stops crying to listen thoughtfully (some other types of music are also soothing for him, but this recording stops him in his tracks.)

I also listen to the “A Vision Beyond – Excerpts from the Darshana Upanishads by Dattatreya” album, which translates a lot of knowledge from Sanskrit to English ( I love this type of album because it helps to keep me rooted in my practice), as well as the “Sitar by the Ocean” and “Nada Kusuma” instrumental albums, which are beautiful.

All of Ram’s albums can be purchased here on his website aksharayoga.com. I highly recommend them.

Besides sharing his talent and knowledge of Nada Yoga, Sanskrit and Vedic Study in recordings, Ram is an engaging teacher.  I have been to a few of his workshops and always walk away feeling I’ve learned something profound and can’t wait until I have a chance to learn from him again.

Ram Vakkalanka teaches all over the place, so please check out his website, aksharayoga.com for details on where he’ll be teaching what when.

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One Comment on “Ram Vakkalanka Albums and Classes”

  1. lakshmi
    September 8, 2013 at 11:46 am #

    Thank You, Tsipura, for sharring with us!
    Thank You for all yr posts!

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