What is “Namaste”?

I just found out that a friend of mine who I haven’t seen in years is going through a very challenging part of her life. So I thought I would spend some time meditating on her and sending her light and love.

I started by calling to attention a warm feeling of joy. Then, I started to really think about her… her face, her smile, her laugh, her mannerisms… it all began streaming to mind. Quickly the gentle smile on my face grew huge and so did the joy in my heart.

I had set out to send her light and love, and here she was, just her memory in my mind, filling me with it. Where did that joy begin or end? With me or with her? It felt indistinguishable.

It occurred to me that this is part of the deeper meaning in the overused and abused phrase “Namaste”. It’s about recognizing and experiencing that inseparable bliss shared by your incarnation and another.

I began the experience, or so I thought, by awakening joy in me. But awakening from what source? The joy she or others had given me before? Where did the joy they gave come from? And that joy?

We can never look back far enough to find the source. It is not outside of us to find. It IS us. All of us. We do not merely share joy, we ARE it… the Supreme Joy… which has no definition of this vs. that, or me vs. you… no beginning and no end. When you feel it, it will be clear. I am the Joy in you. You are the Joy in me.

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